Are you ready to stop leaving money on the table in your business?


Beyond ready to create multiple streams of income that fit with your first business? 


Need help from another experienced entrepreneur who can actually show you how to make your goals happen?


If you are saying Yaaaas! that is me.


You are certainly in the right place.


If you are just getting to know who I am. My name is Chanelle, mom to pumpkin pie, Philly girl living in the A. Top 100 Small Business Expert to Follow on Twitter, bootstrapping beast, queen of confidence, and brilliant sales coach to the best and brightest in the game. (wink, but really I am) 

Why you should care?  I break down exactly how turn your ideas into coins plain and simple. 

I partner with female entrepreneurs who are ready to stop leaving money on the table.  I do this through my seven step consistent coins formula with a focus on product development, marketing makeovers, and brilliant branding techniques. My clients walk away with more income streams, attracting consistent leads and the enjoying the freedom they deserve as entrepreneurs.



" After talking with you one on one, listing to your periscopes, and your words of encouragement I finally created my online workbook and e-courses. My first workbook sold over 50 in the first month. You gave me clarity, systems, and motivation on how to start my online business. Its month two and my October class only has three seats left. I'm so thankful for you being my sales coach and not to mention my spiritual coach."


—Candace holyfield, the six figure spa chick 


" Chanelle does an amazing job of teaching sales without teaching a formal course like most coaches would. She is consistent at delivering valuble content and is a great business resource all around."


I believe in the freedom that comes with taking 100% accountability for what does and does not happen in your life and business. I believe excuses will keep you broke. I believe done is better than perfect. I believe every entrepreneur must have a  passive income solution to sell at all times that is available to anyone, anywhere. I believe in starting before you are ready and being open to receive money for your gifts, talents and skills.