I chose Chanelle and her 21 Day Marketing Bootcamp because I trust her.  She practices what she preaches.  She grinds and makes things happen even with Pumpkin Pie en tow. She does not make excuses, and she doesn't allow her clients to make them either.  I really appreciate her willingness execute on the fly. An example is, impromptu training on FB Live, even if she has to do it in her car after a long day at work. I also trust Chanelle because the I found out on my own, the things she told me a few year ago are very true. She told me you have to invest in yourself, you are an expert even if you don't currently have the credentials, you have to start where you are rather have everything planned out from A-Z.  The problems she is helping me to solve are how to close a deal, how to prospect, how to price, how to introduce myself, and best of all how to grind to build my legacy and empire.





When I first encountered Chanelle, I wasn't really ready to make the entrepreneurial leap (I thought I was). She planted seeds in me years ago, which allowed me to come back now when I know I'm ready.  I can see and feel the difference in me and my receptiveness to her coaching. You can't be coached if you're not coachable."


Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser 🏽🏽🏽🏽


"Chanelle is an ambitious

 go-getter who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs win in business. Her commitment to excellence is evident in everything she pours into the world."

-Apryl Steadman Beverly 

Million Dollar Word Stylist 



"Chanelle is a FORCE to be reckoned with! She has a heart of gold, and a deep desire to see her clients WIN! 🏾With years of success in business, it’s no secret why she get’s results for her clients EVERY TIME! From her strategy, to relentless hustle, 🏽she works with her clients to become marketing mavens with consistent cash flow, and daily PayPal bling. If you’re looking to get your coins up, you’re definitely in the right place!"

-Tanya Watkins @getrightnation 

Brand & Marketing Strategis

"Chanelle has a heart of gold and is amazingly driven when it comes to serving her clients. If you are looking for a coach that cares, Chanelle is the right choice." Dawniel Winningham - 


America's #1 Quit Coach